Unique Branding for Your Product and Services

We Appreciate Your BusinessNothing builds relationships better than food and I promise you will be remembered when you deliver treats in a custom printed Donut, Cookie, Candy, Bagel or Candy Box! Just visit my online store at Thanks a Dozen to view all of the standard products we offer or call me at 800-568-8338 to discuss any of your packaging needs.

Taking donuts and other treats encourages your sales force to make early morning sales calls.

It literally buys 15-20 minutes of your prospect’s or customer’s time.

In addition to that, you’re customized donut, bagel, cookie, candy, pizza & tissue box sleeve continues to sell your product or companies services long after you’ve left the building!

Thanks For Referral DonutJust Imagine…
You make your early morning sales calls dropping off your personalized boxes filled with treats and snacks. Every single potential client you’ll meet regardless of their profession loves getting treats and snacks to get them through the busy work day so of course they’ll eagerly take them off your hands.

Your custom donut, bagel, cookie, candy, pizza or tissue box sleeve from “Thanks A Dozen”® acts like your own personal “silent salesman” in their break room next to the coffee pot all day long!

Talk about a captive audience!

Donut boxes start at $ 3.79 each for 25 units and drop to $ 2.79 when you order as few as 250.

Customized Boxes

Sometimes, you just need a little something to make you stand out from the crowd. Our customized boxes do just that. Our customized boxes help you to accomplish the following with ease…

  1. Buy more time on calls…
  2. Stay remembered by those you contact…
  3. Become friends with the gatekeeper…
  4. Warm up cold calls…
  5. Develop name recognition for your service or business…
  6. Easily target your market niche group with a product everyone enjoys…
  7. Just say “Thanks!”…

Here a few examples:

Custom Designed Boxes

Custom boxes range in price for $ 1.19 per box (qty 300) for the candy box up to $ 3.79 (qty 250) for a custom designed pizza box and everywhere in between.

For more information call Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 or go to my online store at Thanks a Dozen.

But they aren’t just for taking treats to customers!

What better way to deliver a proposal, samples, replacement items or your product. They are perfect for specialty retail stores to use as gift packaging.

Here are some of the themes that we can provide solutions for:

Industry Occasion Type of Standard Box
Auto Related We Really Appreciate Your Business  
  Wrecked Yours  
Church Related    
  Assembly of God  
  Evangelical Lutheran  
  First Baptist  
  First United Methodist  
  Stained Glass Church  
  United Methodist Church  
Education Learning    
  Educational Books  
    Purple Ornament
    Season’s Greetings
    Warmest Wishes – Santa…
    Happy Easter Box
    Trick or Treat
  July 4  
    Support Our Troops
  St.Patrick’s Day  
    St.Patrick’s Day Box
Home Restoration    
  House With Glass Door  
  Little White House  
  Baymont Inn  
  Best Western  
  Candlewood Suites  
  Classic Residence  
  Country Inn  
  Crowne Plaza  
  Days Inn  
  Extended Stay America  
  Extended Stay Deluxe  
  Faifield Inn  
  Four Points  
  Hampton Inn  
  Hawthorne Suites  
  Holiday Inn  
  Holiday Inn Express  
  Holiday Inn Select  
  Homestead Studio  
  Hyatt Summerfield  
  Residence Inn by Marriott  
  Staybridge Suites  
  Assisted Living/Senior…  
    Thanks For The Referral
    Good Morning
    We Really Appreciate Your Business
    Tool Box
    Dollar Bills
    Gold Coins
    On Time Every Time
  Funeral Homes  
    Church With Stained Glass
    Doctors Bag
    Mother’s Touch
    Nurse Appreciation
    Have A Great Day
    Vertical Patterned Box…
    On Time EveryTime
Insurance Agents    
  Alfa Insurance  
  American Family  
  Farm Bureau  
  Home Auto Life  
Mortgage Brokers    
  House with glass front…  
  Red Brick Home  
  White House  
Real Estate    
  House With Glass Door  
  Little White House  
  Red Brick House  
    Great Day
    We Appreciate
    Party Clown
  Good Morning  
    Good Morning Sunshine
    Yummy Words
  Just Because  
    Have A Great Day
    Support Our Troops
    Thanks For The Referrals
    Taken By Surprise
    Church With Stained Glass
  New York  
Travel & Vacation    
  World Traveler  

For more information call Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 or go to my online store at Thanks a Dozen.

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