Business and Client Appreciation Event Planning

This blog receives a lot of visits from people looking for client appreciation event ideas. I have written aCupcake number of posts such as:

Client Appreciation Events – “Friend-Raising, not Fund-Raising”
Client Appreciation Versus Client Referral Events
Take A Client to Dinner – Doggy Bag Included

There are a few more if you click on the “Client Appreciation” menu to the right.

Through my research on the internet I discovered a great website called Mashable that provides a comprehensive list of online tools that might assist you in planning your event. – Plan your personal events and invite all your friends in just a few easy steps. – Search for all sorts of businesses conferences around the country, even read and post your own reviews to show useful they are. – Publish an event, spread the word, and collect money all in one easy app.

Champagne – Locate venues to hold your events, invite guests, locate vendors. – Organize special events, conferences, workshops, parties, gigs, and receptions. Set up event-specific web pages and invite guests. – The perfect way for bands to let people know of changes in their schedule by delivering notices via email, text and more. – Plan an event/party, get help with every step, even announce it on their Google Mashup. – Plan events with friends & send out reminders, have everyone collaborate on a calendar to find the time that works best for everyone. – Organize events and handle all the details from one easy location. Let others see who’s attending. – Plan your event and quickly spread it by blogs, email, cell phones and more. – Planning an event that you need tickets for? TicketLeap can handle the ticketing for you. – Helps you with promotion of your event through online and print. – Tailored to distributing information on business conferences and non-profit events.

These resources can help you plan your event and invite guests online.

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