Top 6 Reasons to Use Email Stationery

As the co-founder of inboxFX Communications, a leading email stationery provider I am totally biased towards our Email Before and Afterproduct, but nonetheless I think it is important to keep sending the message that sending boring, plain text emails means you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity. The two images on the left are examples of a plain text and a professional email stationery template. There are many more examples at our website.

Here are 6 great reasons to invest $ 149* in your marketing.

1. Spread Your Branding – You wouldn’t send a letter on plain paper so why do you send an email as plain text? Email stationery communicates your brand values and corporate identity. Transform every email you send into an attractive marketing tool.

Higher Ground Feb 72. Wow Factor – Enhance the professional appearance of your company or service in every email and stand out from the competition.

3. Interactivity – Recipients can click on links to your website.

4. Results – By driving qualified visitors to the right page on your website you can create more sales opportunities. Offer readers one-click access to key pages of your website where they can take the next step towards doing business with you.

5. Easy To Use – Just type your email and hit Send and your emails are automatically branded.

6. Perception – Email stationery leaves the impression you are forward thinking, professional, understand technoology and are innovative. It differentiates you from the competition.

Perception is Reality

In advertising, perception is reality. Trying to attract new clients via bland, ordinary, text email, you are telling the recipient that you, too, are bland and ordinary. These text emails are considered the equivalent of junk mail, or “spamming” in Internet jargon.

The alternative is high-quality, full-color photo-enhanced email to create a perception of professionalism, success and cutting-edge technology. Your clients perceive the message as valuable information and consider themselves an important part of your business.

Imagine the impact branded email marketing would have on your business if you start sending hundreds or even thousands of personal email messages with no printing or postage costs.

* Click here to go to the inboxFX website and complete a short inquiry form and someone will contact you at your convenience.

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    Thanks for the advice! Visit my blog for info and tips on how to attract more readers.

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