Marketing “Behind the Scenes”

In my never-ending quest for new marketing ideas I wrote about Napkin advertising and stumbled across another similar idea that will get your marketing on a “roll”. Are you ready for toilet tissue advertising? Well there is a company called Just Toilet Paper

Just Toilet Paper

that is cleaning up in this market. Actually, I am serious about the potential for this form of advertising and I am sure it will find its’ way into Toilet Rollmore than one marketing plan in the next few months.

Their marketing angle is to Capture People’s Exclusive Attention and I must admit this is a potential winner for some businesses. They report that “on the average, people go to the bathroom 6 times a day. Public restrooms are used very often.” As they are a captive audience why not place your business or product in front of thousands of people who use restrooms every day. This is a sure fire way to grab people’s attention.

You can buy 10 rolls for only $ 9.50 each plus a small set-up charge. While I agree it is a viable advertising vehicle it can also make a lot of impact as a novelty item as nobody is going to throw it away and people will talk about it for a long time.

They have lots of pre-printed products such as rolls with paw prints, happy birthday and dollar bills that they sell out of their inventory.

The company, Marc Polish Associates, a small company based in New Jersey has created additional products like the Bibkin, a new napkin for adults, monogrammed coasters and emergency mini toilet paper rolls. I recommend you check them out. I am going to.

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