Branded Email Stationery

Dollar sign Cow! $No matter what business or industry you are in you most likely have a brand or image that you try to convey. Even the simplest brand costs money to develop and it is integral to your customers and prospects recognizing your value proposition among all of your competition.

(Picture suppled by Mike Wade. Real markings, just a little Adobe to remove the stuff you normally get on your shoes)

It follows that your brand is pervasive through all of your marketing; your website, business card, letterhead, invoices, brochures, advertising, yard signs, billboards and probably every other contact with prospects and customers. If you are like most businesses you probably even answer your phone with an element of your brand in the greeting.

I would bet your brand is a key factor in the growth of your business because it makes your business stand out from the competition and is part of what makes people trust doing business with you.

So let’s review. You use your brand:

  1. When you mail something to a customer or prospect
  2. When you place and ad in a publication
  3. On your place of business
  4. On your business card
  5. When you answer the telephone

But what about when you email them? Studies show that email accounts for the highest percentage of contact with customers and prospects according to a Datamonitor/Dimension data study.

One hundred percent of workers surveyed for the Datamonitor/Dimension Data used email. The research surveyed 390 IT managers and 524 enterprise users across 13 countries within the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Fixed-line telephones were second to email with 80 percent of workers using it, after which came mobile phones (76 percent) and instant messaging (66 percent).

What percent of the time are you communicating with email versus paper? If you are like me you will probably estimate that 60 – 70% or more of the time you are communicating through email. Does this mean that you are only communicating your brand 30 – 40% of the time you contact customers and prospects? How much benefit would you derive from including your brand on each email you send every day?

Real Life Example of Branded versus Unbranded Emails

Realtors who belong to a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can use the MLS to automatically send matching properties to buyers through a service called Auto-Notification. Typically an email will be sent to a buyer that looks like this:

Plain Text Email Sample

Yes there is contact information across the bottom, but it will look like every other email the buyer receives from a Realtor.

The Alternative – Branded Email Stationery

If a Realtor uses branded email stationery from they will send the same auto-notification, but enroute it will be branded and arrive like this. Completely branded with links to the Realtors websites directing the buyer to more information:

Sample Branded Email July 17

Branded email also helps build a relationship with your client. Which email would you respond to or better yet, which one will you remember?

Are you ready to start sending branded email stationery or are you gong to continue marketing with your brand 30% of the time?

ibfxLogoIf you are ready you can go to the inboxFX Contact Form and someone will contact you at your convenience or you can phone Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 or email me at

We can have you up and running the same day and the cost is between $ 49.00 and $ 199.00 depending on the type of stationery that would work best for you.

Our branded email stationery is unique in a number of ways:

  1. It is the most reliable getting past spam filters.
  2. Our branded email stationery is formatted to keep the file size small.
  3. You can turn the stationery on and off.
  4. It works from any Blackberry or handheld email device.
  5. For Realtors it will work with auto-prospecting from any MLS.
  6. We can duplicate your website banner and links if preferred.
  7. You can have up to 5 links back to your website. (more if your banner is designed that way already)
  8. You can easily change your contact information, links or picture.

It does not matter what business you are in, your brand is vital to your success and communicating it 100% of the time is what separates the successful businesses from the rest.

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