More on Advertising on Napkins

HD Napkin 1In a previous posts I talked about Napkin advertising and featured a company called NapkinAd out of Australia. Since then I have discovered a US-based company called HD Napkin which is short for High definition napkin.

I am always looking for something new for clients and I think this is an exciting opportunity for certain advertisers.

What is so exciting about HD Nakins is their process allows the CMYK process to be reproduced onto tissue without compromising the integrity of the image being printed. Their custom-made printing machines, together with high quality paper, and water-based inks, reproduce high-resolution, full-color, photo-realistic images on napkins.

The benefits of this form of advertising is:

  1. Unique marketing tool
  2. In the consumer’s hand
  3. Photo-realistic ads
  4. Long & lasting impressionsHD Napkin 2
  5. More creative execution

The company offers the following features and services:

  1. Napkins are constructed with 3-Ply virgin facial tissue
  2. Napkins will be poly wrapped in 50 count packages
  3. Each case will house 100 packages
  4. All inks are water-based & environmentally safe
  5. 4-Color Process / 4-Panel Print Included
  6. Metallic Silver and Gold ink is available
  7. 10”W x 10”H image area
  8. PDF proof included
  9. Made in the USA

You can learn more about HD Napkins at their web site.

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