Even More on Headshots

I get a lot if traffic to my blog from people interested in more information about how to pose for a headshot. I am always looking for good examples and recently came across a local photographer that I think has it figured out.

His name is Peter Holst and his website is http://www.holstphotographic.com. He states the obvious that “Building a strong brand is the key to success” and refers to his service as photo branding. While his photos are not technically head and shoulder headshots, if you cropped any of these the headshot would excellent.

Peter’s photography captures the essence of the advice found in these other posts called:

Headshot Do’s and Dont’
The Perfect Headshot
More on Headshots

What defines a good headshot? Here are a few key points:

  1. Very relaxed, candid, warm, open honest images of you.
  2. Just be a real human being, forget being a star!
  3. Look straight at the camera unless the photographer says otherwise.
  4. Have a warm smile, not a laugh.
  5. Dark clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face.

Here is a sample of Peter’s work

Peter Headshot 1 Peter Headshot 2

Peter Headshot 3 Peter Headshot 4

If you are not in the Vancouver, BC area and still want this quality you can take these to your photographer as a guideline to follow.

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