Seven Deadly Website Mistakes

As an approved vendor for Ubertor, a leading web site developer, I frequent their blog which is always on thewww leading edge of real estate technology, but it applies to all business sectors.

Steve Jagger, the co-founder of the company published the following list which is great advice for anyone looking for a website. You can click on the website tab above for more information about the services I can provide.

Following are 7 things to look for from Steve with my editorial added.

1. No Splash Pages – Internet users are in too much of a rush to be slowed down by your splash page. This applies to Flash as well which is annoying when you are looking for information

2. Login Required – These days, internet users are too savvy to give up their real email address. They will just go elsewhere to find the information they are looking for or give you an email address that they use for login required sites.

3. Canned Content – Get rid of it. Take the time to write your own content. Your website visitors will love you for it. The more local content the better your search results.

4. Flash – As a minimal accent to your website it is great, if more than 15% of your site is in Flash you have a search engine problem.

5. Version – If your website asks the user what version of your website they would like to see. Like Flash, HTML, Low Bandwidth, High… you lose. If your website doesn’t show up immediately and deliver your message right away it’s pretty hard to keep people along for the ride.

6. Firefox – If your website does not work in Firefox… look into it. Firefox accounts for 35% of internet users. Don’t know what Firefox is? check it out here… it is a big step up from Internet Explorer.

7. Sitemap – Do you see a sitemap on your website? Google says “Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site.” Don’t have one? Better get on it.

There are some great points here. Call me if you are interested in a website in less than 24 hours for as little as $ 10 per month.

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