Importance of Email Subject Lines

If you want your emails to be opened then personalize the subject line according according to a study doneEmail Personalization MailerMailer a leading email service provider. The MailerMailer study found that personalized “subject” lines in particular increased the number of times recipients opened their mailings.

While this study was based on Business to Business emails I think it applies across the board for email.

The day of the week makes a difference too. Emails sent early in the work week or on the weekends earned higher open and click rates; Mondays being the best, followed by Tuesday. Recipients were least likely to open emails sent on Wednesdays and Fridays.

In addition to personalizing the subject line it would be a good idea to keep it short as email recipients were significantly more likely to open messages that used short subject lines (35 or fewer characters).

One last interesting result of the survey which applies to our branded email stationery at inboxFX is that over 95% of recipients opt to receive HTML formatted messages instead of text so if you were sending branded, customized emails you would be making a positive impression.

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  1. Raj Khera says:

    Mike, thanks for the post about our report. One other point your readers might like to know about is to test their messages regularly. While our report covers general trends, every sender has a different relationship with their readers and purpose for their message.

    Someone sending emails about entertainment options for the weekend, for example, might have better luck with sending messages on Fridays compared to a B2B email, who typically have better responses early in the week.

    We periodically post tidbits of information at our blog,, if you are interested.

    All the best,

    Raj Khera
    CEO MailerMailer

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