Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

I read an interesting study conducted by John Fuhrman, the director of training for My Green Parachute, who provide customer acquisition services such as exit strategies, referral networks, and sales/training.

He visited over 1,000 real estate sites in all 50 states. These included single Realtor sites to multi-office groups, independent offices and franchises. When you see the results you will understand why I ask “Do You Know Where Your Website Is?”

Here is how it broke down:

Out of 1,000 visits or attempts to visit:

226 – were not working, under construction, linked to online poker, or other industry, or even linked to other real estate sources.

332 – were cookie cutter (probably free or all done by the same person) sites that provided no unique information. Only about broad market topics.

442 – worked well enough to find individual contact information, salespeople and manager’s names. However, 77 of those e-mails were not activated for one reason or another.

So if I am reading this correctly 22.6% of Realtors have websites that are not functional. If you fall into this category click on the Website link above.

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