Your Marketing Manifesto

As the year winds down everyone seems to be reviewing business plans and writing their 2008 marketingManifesto plans. Well maybe not everyone, but they should be. As I started to review my business I was reviewing some old documents and came across an article about Marketing Manifestos. They must be important as there are pages of result on a Google search.

As I re-read what it really is I thought it would be a good idea to recommend that you take the time in the next few weeks to work on your Marketing Manifesto.

Now it is hard to write a Marketing Manifesto unless you know what a Manifesto is.

Manifesto as defined by Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: 1man·i·fes·to
Pronunciation: \,ma-nə-‘fes-(,tō\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural man·i·fes·tos or man·i·fes·toes
Etymology: Italian, denunciation, manifest, from manifestare to manifest, from Latin, from manifestus
Date: 1620
: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

And there is no entry in a Thesaurus for the word “Manifesto” if we were to call it by something else we would have to make something up. How about “Marketing

So what exactly is a Marketing Manifesto?
A marketing manifesto is a document that will galvanize and unite your employees. It will tell them where they’re going and help focus their energies.

If your message isn’t absolutely clear, then your employees can’t possibly communicate it to your customers. Any miscommunication between them and your customers can undermine the business.

“everything communicates”

  1. Radio, print, and television ads
  2. The way you package your product
  3. Your promotional materials
  4. The way you treat your employees
  5. The way they treat your customers
  6. The articles written about you
  7. The events you sponsor
  8. Even the way you handle unexpected business successes and failures.

It all influences the way people view your company and your products, and it all influences whether or not anyone will buy what you’re selling.

A Marketing Manifesto addresses “What you do isn’t who you are”

To start creating your own marketing manifesto, you need to know, as quickly as possible, where you are and how you got there. To know this, you and everyone around you needs to understand that there’s a big difference between what your company is and what it does.

The best example I can give is a coffee shop. While many of us feel the need for caffeine each day, a latte is much more than just a quick fix. It is a social experience. So a coffee shop is not just a brewer of coffee. It is part of a daily experience of the customer.

But although we buy a new one each day, a coffee shop has to consider the bigger picture. If you buy a latte a day for 250 days a year from the same place your business is worth about $ 750 to that business. Not just $ 3 for that days drink. Is that coffee shop treating you like a $ 750 a year customer or a $ 3 customer. If the drink is cold do they instantly dump it out and replace it with a new one at no charge?

While the owner may know the difference, does the staff?

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Chris Hoskin says:

    I do like the idea of manifestos. So much more powerful than a plan or white paper.

    Manifestos capture the essence of a idea, in a conversational way.

    A plan loses sight of an idea, and drops into (what appear to be) unrelated tactics too easily.

    Thanks, Chris from

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