Marketing Idea – Kid’s Growth Chart For the Wall

growthchartI am always looking for new marketing ideas that my clients can use either as part of their direct mail program or as items of value that they give their clients. The longer the concept stays on the fridge or in the house the more effective the idea.

Having measured 6 kids growing up over the past 24 years I realized that a wall-mounted growth chart would be a practical and long-lasting marketing tool. The wall chart is simple to design, easy to mail and is one of those thoughtful gifts that people appreciate.

I would put the client’s contact information and a simple message across the bottom that ties into their business. An insurance agent might use the slogan “Growing With Your Family”. Another slogan might refer to the quality of service “Taking You to New Heights”, How do we measure up” etc.

If you do a search on Google you will find pages of results which is an indication that there is a big market for growth charts. Why not add them to your marketing mix?

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