Incredible Customer Service

As a marketing guy I am always on the look out for great customer service stories and this is one that is worthSwarovski relating.  Two years ago my wife received a Swarovski necklace as a gift. It had a heart-shaped pendant populated with a couple of dozen crystals.  The other day she noticed one of the crystals was missing and started trying to track down the receipt to take it in for repair.

In the meantime we were walking through a mall and passed by a Swarovski store so we dropped in and started to explain we did not have the receipt and were wondering what the next step was.  The sales person asked for the necklace, walked into the back room, came out with a new necklace and handed it to my wife.  We signed a form and we were on our way.

Their warranty policy on their website states:

“Swarovski guarantees full warranty covering manufacturing and material defects for current branded products purchased from authorised Swarovski retailers. The warranty only covers damages that are not caused by accidents, inappropriate use or wear and tear. Depending on the degree of damage to the warranted product, the feasibility and the availability of replacement parts, it will either be repaired or replaced by a piece of the same value.

In my opinion they not only lived up to their claim, but exceeded it.  Swarovski gets my vote as the best customer service of the year.


This is in contrast to the hoops we have had to jump through to exchange or return Christmas presents.   What amazes me is that someone took the time to choose a gift for me from a store that probably provided the purchaser great service, but when I need a different size or color and am visiting the store for the first time with the possibility of becoming a loyal customer,  I am treated like a criminal when I try to exchange something.

Next year I am checking the return policy before I buy anything from any store rather than subject the recipient to the restrictions some stores put on returns.

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