Top 10 Reasons to Use Food In Your Marketing

Derek Cookie 1As a distributor for Thanks a Dozen, the leader in Branding, Relationships and Results, I have had first hand experience with the impact that donuts, cookies and candy can have on your business when they are delivered in a custom-branded box.

Everybody knows that when you give a gift of food dopamine and serotonin levels increase in the recipient’s brains chemically associating you and your company with positive feelings and emotions…. Well if you didn’t know that you are excused, but it’s true. In a special Mind and Body issue of Time Magazine in January 2005, a researcher discovered something incredible about the “Science of Happiness” and what actually takes place in our brain. The researcher is quoted as saying “With more dopamine, more neurons are involved in memory and emotionDerek Box with Cookies become activated , reinforcing feelings of joy.”

Scientists have discovered there are two main triggers which cause this automatic response; food is one of them.

So how does this play out with delivering donuts, bagels, cookies, candies or pizza in a box covered with your branding? People see the food, relate the feeling of pleasure with your brand and it makes them happy you stopped by and reinforces your brand in their memory.

Stewart CookieOkay let’s put it another way. If you are making a sales call and take food such as donuts, cookies, bagels or sandwiches to a client in a bag or box with the store’s branding on it you are just taking them a donut, bagel, sandwich or cookie with limited impact on their perception of you or your business. But if you take the same gift of food in a branded box you are going to make them say “WOW” and positively reinforce the relationship with you and your company.

Top 10 Reasons Your Sales Force Should Use Food and Branded Packaging For Their Deliveries

  1. Every single potential client you’ll meet regardless of their profession loves getting treats and snacks to get them through the busy work day so of course they’ll eagerly take them off your hands.
  2. The alternative of taking people out to lunch can create jealousies.
  3. Your custom donut, bagel, cookie, candy and pizza brand building tools from “Thanks A Dozen”® act like your own personal “silent salesman” in their break room next to the coffee pot all day long!
  4. Cookies, donuts and candies cost much less than lunches and dinners and are 100% deductible.
  5. You can customize the box and communicate important messages that will be remembered by your clients.
  6. Taking food on a sales call can increase your “face time” by 10 – 20 minutes.
  7. Branded boxes with food give you a reason to drop in on hard to reach prospects.
  8. The branded boxes are a great conversation piece to build relationships with receptionists, secretaries and other gatekeepers.
  9. The person you call on becomes a mini-hero for sharing the goodies.
  10. Remember the dopamine and serotonin!

Give me a call at 800-568-8338 to discuss how you can start making your sales calls more effective. Custom candy boxes start as low as $ 1.47 each with a minimum order of 300 boxes. Or try one of our stock designs. Minimum order is only 25 and donut boxes are only $ 3.79 each.

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  1. Scott says:

    I Love the idea to use food with your marketing! I really like the blue cookie box!

    Talk with you soon!

    all the best,

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