Wondering About Search Terms?

I just stumbled on a new Google tool called Google Sets. You enter a few items from a set of things and Google willGoogle sets-logo try to predict other items in the set.

I entered “email” and “stationery” and Google Sets provided the following list:

  • email
  • stationery
  • looney
  • graphics
  • misc
  • disney
  • web site
  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • pawed
  • swisbeagle

Okay I don’t know where “pawed” and “swisbeagle” came from, but the others are relevant.

This is a great tool as it helps you determine what search terms people might be using to find your product or service. Because it is Google providing the results you know it is based on their daa so it is going to be reliable.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Email Stationery & Graphics Pawed by SwisBeagle says:

    Hi Mike, I can tell you where “pawed” and “swisbeagle” came from. I am a Graphic Designer and back in 1999 to 2008 I was the owner of a website titled, “Email Stationery & Graphics Pawed by SwisBeagle”. I designed email stationery for Outlook Express for Microsoft. My site was the number one email stationery site on the entire WWW for years. I had a Greater Swiss mountain dog and a Beagle, hence the name “swisbeagle” and the website was designed in a manner that it was created by dogs, hence the name “pawed”. My Greater Swissy passed away last year in 2008 and it was then I removed the site and no longer design email stationery, but now work for Linden Labs and design in Second Life.

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