Google 411

Just when you thought you have seen everything along comes another innovation from Google. I don’t want this bloggoog411-logo to turn into an ad for Google, but some of the things they are working on cannot be ignored by marketers.

I just ran across Google 411. Did you know you can send a text message containing your search query, such as [ cafe seattle wa ] or [wx 02139], to 466453 (GOOGLE on most phones) to get information such as local listings, weather, movie show times, sports scores and more.

I am not the most prolific text messager in the world, but I was able to type 466453 into the To: box and Weather vancouver bc into the Message box and in seconds a three day forecast for Vancouver was sent to me by text message.

I then got adventurous and typed Pizza Vancouver bc into the subject field and in seconds I had the phone numbers for three pizza places.

Ever the optimist I typed Marketing north vancouver bc… and my name was not displayed so that proves it is not perfect, but worth a try.

I cannot forecast how people will embrace this form of search, but now that I have tried it I will definitely us it again. I am going to look further into how a company can improve their ranking in the search results as this is potentially a new source of business for some companies.

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