Client Appreciation Events – Getting Into The Swing

One of the key criteria for a client appreciation event is to provide an event that makes the participant feel likeBrad Denton they are part of something special. Often it is not how much you spend on the event, but it is how you spend that will make the difference. Hiring the right entertainment is one way to make your event stand out.

Client appreciation events take many forms and many are centered around a golf course so here is a great idea for making your event more memorable. Brad Denton, based in Orlando, FL is a Golf Entertainer and he can deliver a show that will keep people talking about the event for a long time to come.

“Brad uses his fun-loving clean sense of humor, impersonations, quick wit and shot-making talents to entertain and teach groups of all ages and backgrounds.

His incredible trick shots demonstrate the fundamentals of the golf swing ‘with a twist’. Using a variety of not so ordinary clubs such as a 6 foot driver and a 10 foot driver hit on stilts, Brad helps golfers improve their swing mechanics as well as strengthening their stomach muscles through vigorous laughter.

When you book Brad, you also get Forrest Gump, Gomer Pyle, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery, Jimmy Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elvis and a host of other characters. His dead on impersonations will leave your audience in stitches, while he performs an incredible, one of a kind golf clinic trick shot show that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. “

Why am I featuring Brad? Because he is an example of a good marketer. He was searching the internet for companies involved in Client Appreciation events and came across my blog. Instead of sending an email he picked up the phone, introduced himself and asked whether I felt there was a way we could work together and that is good enough in my books to get a free plug.

While I have not actually seen Brad perform live he has lots of videos on his web site so you can get an idea of what he bring to your event.

Brad can be reached at 407-625-9398 or by email at

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