Promotional Pen – With a Billboard!

I am always on the lookout for promotional items and think this latest find is a winner. It is a pen with a 2.5″ x 7″ banner rolled up inside of it that can be easily pulled out and viewed by the user.

It is not only a novelty that will get people showing and telling, but a great way to communicate information about your product or service. Think about what information you would like to have in front of your customers every day.

Flyer Pen

  • Mortgage rate calculator
  • Metric conversions
  • Map to your business
  • Calendar
  • Price List
  • Contact Information
  • Sizes and dimensions

The good news is you can order as few as 500 and the cost will be under $ 1.00 per pen. In quantities of 1,000 the price will drop to about $ 0.60 and at 3,000 pens the price can be as low as $ 0.40 per pen. Call me at 800-568-8338 (Mike Blaney) for more information or email me at

The sample below shows a calendar on one side of the banner and promotional information on the other.


Following is my crude attempt at amateur photography, but it gives you the idea of what the pen looks like.

Pen side 2

Pen side 1

Holding pen

Showing silver

On desk

If you are interested in ordering pens you can provide the design or alternatively we supply a complete design service so all you need is to provide your logo and the information you would like displayed.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. rachelleg says:

    this pen is so cool !

  2. Steve says:

    I really like this idea with the pen. I will be looking into getting an order.

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