Discover and Unleash the Branding Power of Food

Okay this headline might be a bit over the top, but think about it for a minute…
TAD group
When you are sitting in a meeting and someone brings in donuts, snacks, a pizza or even bagels to munch on what is the first thing that comes to your mind? “Boy could I ever use a bite right now” or “What a great idea?” or “I wish I thought of that.”

Everybody loves getting fresh donuts in the morning and delivering them in your custom donut box is a great way to capture new clients and solidify existing relationships.

Sales reps are already taking in food on their sales calls. Does it make sense for them to drop off donuts in a box that says “Joe’s Donut Shop” or a custom made branding tool designed specifically for their company?

It’s kinda obvious isn’t it?

Clients have used Thanks A Dozen® custom donut boxes for sales visits, golf outings, fund raisers, trade shows and more. Our custom donut boxes are also great for “Lunch and Learn” Programs which give sales reps a captive audience without the typical distractions in a restaurant or food service setting.

The success of any business depends upon developing and nurturing relationships…using Thanks A Dozen® products takes care of it one bite at a time.

And now the good news. If you place an order for custom designed, candy, cookie, donut, bagel, pizza or tissue boxes before April 15, 2008 we have lowered our minimum order from 250 pieces to only 50 pieces. For example you can order 50 custom designed, 4 color donut boxes for only $ 3.49 per box.*

Call Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 to Discover and Unleash the Branding Power of Food

* A one-time set-up fee of $ 75.00 is required and shipping is extra.

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