New Diamond Shreddies – A New “Spin”

I think this is an absolutely brilliant re-branding of a mature product. It not only made me laugh, but made want to buy a box of Shreddies.

How did I hear about this?

My 25 year old son called me from the car and asked if I had seen the new Shreddies billboard. That may seem odd, but he knows I like Shreddies and he knows I love a good laugh, but I was skeptical whether he could relate over the phone what was on the billboard and have me see the humor.

Well it worked. He said, “Dad there is a picture of a square Shreddie with the caption old,boring and beside it is a Shreddie rotated 45 degrees with the caption “New Diamond Shreddies”. I laughed out loud and I had not even seen the billboard.

Here is what the billboard looks like.
Diamon shreddies-ooh-02

Here is what the new cereal box packaging looks like.
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. laure says:

    there is no possible choice since a diamond has 2 long shapes and 2 short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not 4 of the same size 😉

  2. marge says:

    The mathematical definition of a “diamond” or rhombus, is a parallelogram with four congruent sides. A square fits that definition. A square IS a special diamond. The diamond on a playing card is a non-square diamond.

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