Energize Your Database Marketing

I am a fan and believer in the power of database marketing. Why spend money attracting total strangersBattery when you have a database of raving fans who already trust you and do business with you?

I create monthly programs for a number of clients. We send their database a compelling letter on a different topic each month or 6 weeks and enclose some item of value most of the time. This can be a Calendar of Events, memo pad, directory of restaurants in the area or a newsletter as examples.

I created a March program for a new Realtor which was centered on daylight savings time. We all know you are supposed to change the battery in your smoke detector so we sent a 9 volt battery as the item of value.

The letter started out with:

There are two things you can count on in March; the clocks will spring forward and homeowners will be speculating about what the real estate market is going to do this year. Well there are…….but I can make sure you have a battery so you can change the one in your smoke detector…..As for energizing…..

We taped the battery to a small, white postcard and mailed it in the envelope with the letter. This is a greatClient Appreciation Letter example of lumpy mail. The battery was a huge success and generated more calls and activity than any other item of value. Click on the image for a larger version.

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Thanks go to Cari Gililland for the idea.

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