Google Cheat Sheet

You might be asking where a Google Cheat Sheet fits into marketing, but I can assure you I use many of these unique features every day in my research. Mastering searching is the key to improving your marketing.

My favorite tools when I am researching a product or company are: – find info about a page – shows pages that Google think are related to a site – find page that link back to a page or entire site
marketing plan filetype:pdf – search for specific filetypes only

Google Web Search Features

In addition to providing easy access to billions of web pages, Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Click the title of a specific feature to learn more about it.

Use Google to search the full text of books.
View a snapshot of each page as it looked when we indexed it.
Use Google to evaluate mathematical expressions.
Easily perform any currency conversion.
Use Google to get glossary definitions gathered from various online sources.
Search for non-HTML file formats including PDF documents and others.
i.e. marketing plan filetype:pdf
See relevant postings from Google Groups in your regular web search results.
Bypass our results and go to the first web page returned for your query.
See relevant images in your regular web search results.
Search for local businesses and services in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada.
Use Google to find reviews and showtimes for movies playing near you.
Use Google to get quick access to a wide range of music information.
Enhances your search results with the latest related news stories.
Look up U.S. street address and phone number information.
To find a product for sale online, use Google Product Search.
Use Google to get quick answers to straightforward questions.
Add instant info and topic-specific links to your search in order to focus and improve your results.
Makes searching in Firefox faster.
Use Google to access package tracking information, US patents, and a variety of online databases.
Display pages that are related to a particular result.
Restrict your search to a specific site.
i.e. marketing
Offers alternative spelling for queries.
Use Google to get up-to-date stock and mutual fund quotes and information.
Use Google to find U.S. street maps.
Check the status of an airline flight in the U.S. or view airport delays and weather conditions.
Check the current weather conditions and forecast for any location in the U.S.
Provides you access to web pages in other languages.
Find pages that point to a specific URL.

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