8 Tips on How to Leave the Perfect Voicemail

Further to my blog post How To Leave Voicemail Messages That Have Prospects Begging To Meet You I haveMessage Pad to add an excellent follow-up from The Art of Manliness blog on How to Leave The Perfect Voicemail.

The original post on how to leave a voicemail is base based on the excellent work (click here to read the original) of Jill Konrath, founder of Selling to Big Companies – a web resource that helps professional services providers, consultants and salespeople win big contracts in the corporate market .

I am acutely aware of how I leave a voicemail as I am easily agitated by poorly worded voicemails that leave me wondering who called, what their number is and then force me to call them back to hear what they could have said in the voicemail. If you can’t leave a message in 30 seconds or less then I would prefer you hang up and call me back because after 30 seconds I tune out, delete the remainder and call you to ask what you wanted to tell me. Unless you warn me at the beginning of the length and the importance so I will listen to the whole think.

You can read the whole article at The Art of Manliness, but here are the highlights:

  1. State your name first
  2. State your number right after your name
  3. Repeat your phone number twice
  4. State the purpose of your call in as few words as possible
  5. Find some common ground if you’re cold calling someone
  6. Be brief. People are busy
  7. Leave a specific request
  8. Consider leaving your email in addition to your phone number

And now for my own important tip to those people who speak quickly, quietly, mumble, are in a noisy place or speak with a heavy accent; if you are hard to understand when you speak face to face with people you are 10 times harder to understand on voicemail so take the time to ensure you are speaking as clearly as you can or that could be the reason nobody calls you back.

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  1. 1866Umidget says:

    time is so precious to us here at http://shortdwarf.com! we can’t tell you how many times while we are on the phone, we will notice the caller ID on the other line call and not leave a voicemail and continue to call back repeatedly until they get someone to answer directly. frustrating! ugh! isn’t that why voice mail was invented?

    “we’ve noticed you’ve called a couple times and haven’t left messages. thank you for trying to reach us and stay in contact. since time is precious for both of us, please leave a detailed message if we are not able to pick up your call. this will ensure more efficient use of time for both of us. thank you!”

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