How To Get People to Read Your Marketing Material

See it worked. I used a headline.

(Check out the newspaper clipping to the right.  Email me if you would like to know how to do this

You read the headline and said to yourself “that is something I would like to know more about”. That is probably because you are the person I am trying to reach; the person who has an interest in marketing related material. If you found this blog while searching for furniture you probably haven’t even read this far, but the rest of you are wondering how this post is going to help them.

Purpose of the Headline

The headline tells them they can solve their problem or get what they need from you. They do not have time to read all of the copy, but they will take the time to read the headline.

i.e. Perfect Homes For First Time Buyers

Use a Sub-Heading
Now that you have their attention use a “call to action” to make sure they don’t put off using your product or service.

i.e. Perfect Homes For First Time Buyers
Call Today Before They Are All Sold

Write Effective Copy To Support The Headline
Now that you have their attention and they are ready to respond tell them what’s in it for them. What is your offer. How they get it. Where they get it. Others who have benefited from getting it. Use bullets, lists or tables if it will make the information more clear.

Tell Them What To Do Next
Now that they can’t live without your product or service make sure they know exactly what to do next. Call. Email. Visit. Write.

Do Headlines Really Work?
This is a rhetorical question because we have all been drawn to a newspaper article or a headline on a billboard and we have all had a headline on something catch our eye that makes us read further or flip something over to learn more. Probably the best example is when you decide to buy a new TV. All of a sudden you have a heightened awareness to technology, prices and sources of TVs. You are looking for information and when you read the newspaper you seek out information.

Yes, Virginia, headlines work.

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