Consumers Want Your Email

I have written about subject lines, email content, preview panes and the importance of email stationery to make an impact on recipients so it is no secret I am a big fan of email marketing. This survey by a leading Exact Target a leading provider of software for email communications supports that email is in fact an accepted form of marketing communication.

ExactTarget’s “2008 Channel Preference Survey” concluded that nearly two-thirds of US Internet users surveyed said email was their preferred channel for written communications between friends, with text messaging the next favorite choice. The phone was the most popular way to communicate with friends overall, with 41% of respondents naming it as their channel of choice.

Asked to judge the acceptability of various channels for marketing purposes on a scale of 1 to 5, respondents gave direct mail an average score of 3.9, followed by email at 3.7. All other channels averaged under 3.

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they had made a purchase because of a marketing message received through email. More than three-quarters said they had made such a purchase in response to direct mail. The age group with the highest response to email is surprisingly the 55 -64 age category.

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