So What Do Women Really Want?

Why are you looking here for the answer? If I knew I would be retired…

While nobody can really answer that question Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP) and NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), two of the nation’s leading media companies, today announced the second in a series of findings from the Meredith/NBC Universal “What do Women Want?”™ survey.

As a father of 5 daughters and a wife too, the results did not come as a surprise to me as I have sat through many a dinner conversation among the six of them where I wonder if anyone even knows I am there. But I have gleaned enough from these discussions to confirm these results are representative. As a business person, therefore a marketer, these are important points to consider.

More than 3,000 women were surveyed revealing key insights on the female psyche across topics including health and well-being:

When it comes to health, women are more concerned about diet/weight (56%) and eating right (36%) than they are about cancer (23%), cardiovascular/heart health (20%), and diabetes (18%)

  • Many women are skipping important medical examinations, including annual physicals and cancer screenings.
  • Less than two-thirds (59%) of all women get an annual physical, even lower among Gen Y women (44%).
  • Nearly one-third of Boomer women are not getting their important annual mammograms, cholesterol checks or physicals.
  • Four in 10 women report that they are more than 20 pounds overweight. Gen Y women are more likely than Gen X and Boomer women to say they are at their ideal weight (29% vs. 9%, 7% respectively).

Professionals Women Would Want to Hire*

1. Personal Trainer (47%)
2. Personal Chef (34%)
3. Financial Advisor (31%)
4. Live-In Housekeeper (31%)
5. Professional Masseuse (29%)
6. Nutritionist (28%)
7. Professional Organizer to de-clutter your living space or office (24%)
8. Stylist (19%)
9. Interior Decorator (15%)
10. Career Counselor (13%)

*allowed up to 5 choices

What Women Do to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle*

  • Drink more water (80%)
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables (70%)
  • Read nutritional labels (49%)
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat (47%)
  • Make a conscious effort to lower calorie intake (44%)
  • Watch my sugar intake (44%)
  • Exercise at least three times a week (43%)

“While staying fit and trim definitely contributes to overall good health, it’s only a piece of a proactively healthy lifestyle,” says Diane Salvatore, editor in chief, Ladies’ Home Journal. “These findings should be a wakeup call to American women everywhere to make their yearly checkups without fail and make their own personal health a top priority.”

“It is particularly important for marketers in the health and wellness category to have a clear understanding of women’s behaviors, motivations and thoughts so that the messaging they create will resonate and have enhanced impact,” said Debbie Reichig, Senior Vice President, Market Development, NBC Universal. “We are thrilled to be able to make this information available to them.”

All of the above data is from the “What Women Want Survey” conducted by Meredith/NBC Universal and I recommend you read the press release for the full details.

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