Direct Mail Idea 5 – Local Events Schedule

The key to keeping in touch with your clients and prospects and maintaining “top of mind awareness” is to stay in front of them on a regular basis with “something of value” that differentiates you from all of your competitors.

It is summer and we are in the “dog days of marketing”. At any given time 20% of your clients and prospects are away on vacation/holiday and their mail is piling up. How do you stand out in the pile?

If they are not away then they are trying to make the most out of their summer and taking in all of the sights and sounds of their community.

So how do you reach them?

Send them a calendar of all of the local events. It is something they will read and put on the fridge for

reference and the connection to you will be much stronger as they will appreciate the effort you have made – but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money.

This a sample of a form letter that we sent out. Usually I recommend they are personalized with an inside address and signed, but I felt this was a more informal approach and people would not notice the lack of a signature.

Front of Calendar of Events

Inside the envelope with the letter was a full color directory of events with the clients’ branding on it. As the activities spanned from July through part of September it is a safe bet that most people will keep it around for reference.

The card is 4″ wide and 9″ high and printed on card stock. Typically you can have these digitally printed for about $ 0.50 each. If you don’t have the ability to do your own layout you

Back of Calendar of Events

can save time and money by researching all of the activities yourself and providing a list to your printer. It would also help if you could provide a few local photos for the front.

If you need help or would like me to design and lay out a Calendar of Events for your community send me an email at or call me at 800-568-8338.

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