Send Your Business Card Via a Text Message – dropcard

How many times have you met someone and not had a business card and you promise to mail them one the next day? What if you could just stand there and send a text message instantly with all of your contact information that they could easily add to their address book..and then mail a business card.

Well you can.

There is a new service called dropcard that I stumbled across that I thought was interesting; especially for people who are networking often. While it only works in the U.S. if it gets some traction there they are looking at expanding the service.

Drop was created by three students who didn’t know what to do with piles of business cards. They figured that in today’s digital age business cards are pretty wasteful and oftentimes pointless. I don’t agree with this point as I am a raving fan of business cards, but I do agree this fills a gap.

Basically you can use Dropcard to send contact info from your mobile phone. Your information arrives straight in their email and can be imported right to their address book.

Be remembered. Add friends on social networks, websites, and more.

Use on anyone. Even if they don’t have an account.

Send all the information at one time.

  1. name and title
  2. Your blog and website links
  3. Email addresses
  4. Telephone numbers
  5. IM/chats (skype, yahoo, etc)
  6. Social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, etc)

Whenever you meet someone, get their email address and text it to dropbox (at 41411) and dropbox will forward your profile to them via email. They can then add you to their address book. Pretty cool.

Your text looks like this: drop to 41411

Even though I am from Canada I created a sample to test it and here is what people will see in their email (when it works from Canada).

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