15 Reasons To Start Blogging Today – And Why I Do!

I was just reading a great blog post by Scott Ginsberg who is also known as the That Guy With The Nametag about 15 Compelling Reasons To Start Blogging Today and then I realized instantly that not only is he right, but I am living proof.

Here is Scott’s list with a comment from me for each one:

1. Do you WANT to change the world?
I wrote a blog post about Marketing and Graduation that a number of people contacted me about. While it didn’t change the world I had a forum to express my opinions.

2. Do you WANT to grow your business?
I have added clients from across North America who found my blog and there are a few prospects in Australia I am working with.

3. Do you WANT to attract new clients?
I average 500 views of my blog posts every day and a number subscribe to my RSS feed while many more request additional information.

4. Do you WANT to become better known?
Since I started blogging when I Google my name my contact information comes up in 7 out of 10 links on the first page. When people want to check me out there are dozens of articles and social networking links they can follow so credibility is not a problem.

5. Do you WANT to lower your customer acquisition costs?
Blogging using the WordPress platform that I use is free. No software purchase or hosting costs. Just your time.

6. Do you WANT to reduce your average sales cycle?
I can track a lot about my blog visitors and I can see what they read and how long they stay on my blog (although I can’t track individuals). Once I know where a prospect is from I can usually dig a little deeper to see what they were interested in. I also spend less time explaining things as they have read a lot already.

7. Do you WANT to sell more products?
I now market my promotional packaging line and email stationery through my blog and often land contracts for web site development.

8. Do you WANT to build a following?
More than 150 people (so far) subscribe to my RSS feed and read my marketing material.

9. Do you WANT to deliver constant value to your fans?
While I am not maintaining the same posting schedule as when I started I always strive to write about marketing topics of general interest.

10. Do you WANT to boost your Google Juice?
My rankings on dozens of marketing search terms is incredible. Do a Google image search on the following topics and see where http://www.themarketingguy.wordpress.com is found.
sample business card designs (page 1)
sofa (page 2)

Try a simple Google search on “How to calculate profit” and I am number 3 on page one as a result of a post I wrote. Or “client appreciation event” and I am number 4.

11. Do you WANT to be interviewed by the media?
I was just contacted by a writer from a trade magazine to comment on holiday marketing for a specific industry and as long as it does not all end up on the cutting room floor I will be published in September. She found me on my blog.

12. Do you WANT to share your philosophy with the world?
The more I write about marketing the more I learn. I enjoy the freedom to write on any topic and more than once poor service has driven me to the keyboard to spout off.

14. Do you WANT to increase the depth and breadth of your expertise?
Researching articles forces me to learn about new things and my exposure to new ideas and concepts has greatly increased due to blogging.

15. Do you WANT to attract new opportunities that just come to you out of the blue?
Every week I get at least two opportunities that I would never have received if I did not blog.

If you are like I was a year ago, you may still be scratching your head. After I set up my first WordPress blog it took me a few months just to write the first post. Even today I have questions that have not been answered, but in the past year I have had almost 50,000 visitors (no robots counted in this number, just people) and they have read almost 100,000 pages. I can also track visitors from every continent. By the way I have two other real estate related blogs I maintain as an investment at http://www.northvancouverrealestate.wordpress.com and http://www.westvancouverrealestate.wordpress.com

So you are convinced you want to blog and still don’t know what to do? Call me, Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 or 604-618-5512 in Vancouver or email me at marketingguy@shaw.ca and I will try to help. The first bit of advice is free which can get you going, but if you want some serious hand-holding you should budget at least $ 250.00 to get going.

If you enjoyed this article and don’t want to miss the next one click here to get my marketing posts by email as soon as they are published. You will be prompted for an email address and you are set to go.

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  1. Thanks for the link love dude!

    Blogging rules

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