To Squidoo or not to Squidoo

I posted my first lens on Squidoo about email branding and I thought I would see what you think.

What made me try my hand at this?  I receive daily Google Alerts on the search terms “email branding” and the other day one of the matches was a Squidoo post.  I decided in my never-ending quest to try every new marketing tool I would give Squidoo a whirl.

It is too early to tell, but I am hoping it will eventually drive traffic to my inboxFX web site.  I will keep you posted on whether Squidoo makes a difference.

What is Squidoo?
“Squidoo is a hand-built collection of half a million pages built by people just like you.”
“Squidoo is about finding people when you care what they know instead of who they know.”
“And Squidoo raises big money for charity every single day by donating money from the ads and links you see on every page.”

What is a Lens?
A lens is just a single, easy to make, free webpage–it’s your signpost on the web, you place to talk about or promote things that mean a lot to you.

Three or four facts
1. Squidoo has more than 600,000 hand built pages.
2. Squidoo has been reviewed by the New York Times, Mashable, BoingBoing and sites and papers around the world.
3. We are one of the 300 most popular websites in the US.
4. We generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual royalties to charities and to our users.

What about the money?
Squidoo makes money from ads and affiliate links.
We give 5% of what we earn, right off the top, to charity. We keep 45% to cover our overhead and stuff.
That leaves 50%. That goes to charity or to the people who build the pages. And we leave it up to you to choose one or the other.
It’s that simple. You can earn a dollar, a nickel or a dime at a time for your favorite cause or for you.
Did we mention that Squidoo is free? Always has been.

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