Realtor Marketing – Do Just Sold Flyers Work?

A lot of my clients are Realtors and this blog started out with an emphasis on Real Estate Marketing, but evolved into a general marketing blog over the first few months. For non-Realtor readers I am going to sprinkle a few more Realtor-specific posts into the mix every month, but I am confident the content applies equally to most businesses. I hope you enjoy reading them.

The Million Dollar Question? – Are Just Sold flyers an effective marketing tool?

One of my clients send Just Sold flyers to about 3,000 homes in the area surrounding the listing, but they always have

Just Sold Flyer in Black and White - Click for larger image
Just Sold Flyer in Black and White – Click for larger image

an important message and a call to action. Humor is always a big part of the message and some people have commented that they look forward to them. The combination of seeing a few Just Listed and Just Sold flyers over the course of 6 months can influence who a seller calls for an evaluation.

Most of the feedback is anecdotal, but there is no question the campaign is making an impact based on the number of people who make comments to the Realtor and the number that mention the flyers during listing presentations. Many of the recipients are clients of the Realtor so it helps to keep them at the top of their minds too.

We print 80,000 color shells at a time and then imprint in black the listing photos and text for the current listing. The cost for the shell, imprinting and mailing works out to about $ 0.21 each, plus labor of course, but we reach 3,000 homes for $ 630.00. If the average of 7% of people move each year there are 210 homes that will come on the market or about 17 per month.

Just Sold Flyer in Color - Click for larger image
Just Sold Flyer in Color – Click for larger image

The answer is yes! Because there is no more effective way to target these 210 homes.  If the timing is right the homeowners will read anything about real estate that comes through their door.

It is our challenge to provide the most compelling marketing material to stand out among all of the other direct mail.

A well-written Just Sold flyer educates the public that there are two sides to a transaction and that the Buyer’s Agent plays an important role representing their interests.

Just Sold Flyer in Color - Click for larger image
Just Sold Flyer in Color – Click for larger image

The flyer to the left was mailed out at a time when the average days on market was on the up swing and provided a forum to explain the importance of pricing a home properly.

The flyer on the right was sent out after a home had been on the market for a few months without

Just Sold Flyer - Click for larger image
Just Sold Flyer – Click for larger image

selling so most of the neighbors would know it had taken a long time to sell the home.  The Just Sold flyer provided a forum to explain “Not Everything Sells in a Week..but it is Sold”.

Just Sold flyers should be considered as part of your overall marketing mix as they reach the people most likely to need your services and provide a forum for differentiating your marketing from others.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yvonne Vo says:

    Just checking in to see your services of flyers and the cost for sending out Just Sold Flyers in America. Please let me know asap.

    Yvonne Vo

  2. Kevin says:

    A related subject would be about how to cost effectively get internet to laptops for realtors on the go. Our Blackberry tether app available at can help realtors do just that. For a small one-time software license fee, realtors can get internet to their laptops anywhere by sharing their Blackberry data plans without paying monthly tethering fees.

  3. Roch says:

    These are very clever flyers thank you for sharing. It’s all in the repetition. Is there a a rule of thumb on how many times it takes before a household recognizes your flyers and your name?

    1. Mike Blaney says:

      I don’t think anyone really knows the answer, but we all throw out stats like we do. A Realtor can expect 7% of recipient’s to be in the market for selling and buying a home in the next 12 months so if you send out 1,000 flyers only 70 really care so name recognition among the other 930 is not worth much. If I had to peg a number I would mail a fabulous and interesting postcard or memo pad 8 times in a year and would expect 50% of the recipient’s to recognize my name.

  4. Rafael Paez says:

    Great and super helpfull ideas,thanks a lot,from now and on its will be part of our Real Estate marketing in Mazatlan Mexico.

  5. Wow, even though this is a very old article, it still holds its value today. We use a variety of marketing methods: Postcards, Just-Listed Flyers, Just-Sold Flyers, letters, and even books! Thats the print side of things, on the other side of things we use digital marketing as well. You’ve got some great articles on here. I’ll be following your blog on

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