Holiday Marketing

It is never too early to plan your holiday marketing as we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah coming up to name a few.

I was recently interviewed for a golf driving range holiday marketing article by Golf Range Times which was remarkable

Click on image for larger version
Click on image for larger version

for two reasons; one is I was contacted through this marketing blog based on previous articles I have posted and secondly, that I knew anything about holiday marketing for Golf Driving Ranges.

As it turns out, marketing is marketing and the ideas I proposed for a Golf Driving Range are useful for many other businesses.  The most important thing is whether you have started your planning yet.

The key points for driving ranges were:

  1. During holiday times, people are looking for things to do as a family. Families are looking for family activities. Holiday marketing has to be around family activities – and extended family activities, too.
  2. Save the big special events for Christmas, when kids have winter break for a week or more. During this holiday season, when families enjoy more time to spend together, go all-out, possibly even with a Santa Claus on the range, and perhaps free presents for the kids.
  3. Set up an on-site day care in your pro shop, complete with a TV and cookie to keep the kids occupied while their parents practice their swing. This is a sure way to establish goodwill among your parent customers.
  4. Typically, ranges are in higher ¬traffic areas and you don’t drive past one to get to another. So to advertise your hottest holiday promotion use a banner, right on your range.
  5. Use postcards. Get a few hundred printed, at 50 cents per card, and pass them out at your range – or bring them to local sporting goods stores – to advertise your facility’s upcoming holiday events.

The sidebar of being contacted through this blog is an interesting one as I am always being asked if blogging works.  Without a blog I never would have been interviewed for this article and my revenues would be lower as I receive inquiries every week, many of which I convert to orders or new business.  Yes, blogging works.

How did it help me.  The article starts out with the following:

“ Family” is the operative word in holiday marketing, says Mike Blaney, a Vancouver, B.C., Canada-based marketing expert who operates an online marketing blog for small businesses at

This ensures people know who I am , what I do, where I do it and how to find out more. Want to build credibility?  Start a blog.

And call or contact me about your holiday marketing plan.

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  1. nickysam says:

    The holiday marketing campaigns will soon begin and the customers will be pulled in many different directions thinking. The holidays are a great time to create tip sheets and top-ten lists in your area of expertise. Open houses and other special events will showcase the business without the pressure of a purchase commitment.


    viral marketing

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