Some Great Web and Software Tips

Every once in a while I publish tips which I have found useful on a variety of programs . Let me know of any you use and I will add them to my next list. I recommend you take the time to try them rather than just read them.


  • Pressing the space bar twice on your Blackberry (or iPhone) gives you a period, a space, and then a capital letter.
  • When your cell phone is ringing in a public place, you should push any button on the side of the phone as soon as possible to silence the ringer. The call will still be there and ringing, just not audibly. You can then answer the phone at your convenience, or you can let it go to voicemail if it is not an appropriate time to answer the phone.

Browsers (IE and Firefox)

  • Pressing the “/” key in Firefox brings up a quick search to locate terms in any webpage.
  • Pressing “ctrl” “enter” in IE or Firefox adds a “www.” prefix and a “.com” suffix to any address you type in.
  • Use ctrl-tab to move from tab to tab within a browser.
  • The F5 key will refresh the webpage.
  • F11 makers the browser window fill the screen.  Press F11 for normal size.

Microsoft Word

  • Shift+F3 makes a word change from all uppercase to all lowercase to just the first letter upper case and so on.
  • You can use Print-screen to put the screen in your clipboard, and later do Ctrl-V to paste the screen in a Word document.
  • Triple clicking on a word will select the entire paragraph the word is in.


  • Put quotes around your search terms i.e. “microwave oven” and Google won’t waste your time finding one set of web pages containing the word “microwave” and another set containing the word “oven.”  It will only display pages with the words “microwave oven” together.
  • After entering words in a search box, you can just hit the Enter key instead of using the mouse to click the Search button.


  • Press Alt-Tab to toggle between different programs.
  • Ctrl-x to cut
  • Ctrl-c to copy
  • Ctrl-v to paste
  • Ctrl-a to select all of the current doc or window.
  • Triple clicking on a word will select the entire paragraph the word is in.
  • Copy objects from one folder to the other by holding down the alt key while dragging.

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