Ever Wonder What People Are Saying About You?

Do you ever wonder what is being said about you on the internet.  For those of us who blog regularly we are putting our reputations on the line with every post so maintaining our reader’s trust and our credibility is paramount.

If you fall into this category or are just plain paranoid now you  can discover & track what’s being said about you on the internet.  I just learned about this great resource called 150+ Resources and Tips To Help Manage Your Reputation Online from Dan Schwabel, a personal branding expert. His Personal Branding Blog is a must read.

Here are some examples of what kind of things you can track on the web:

  • Web pages where you posted your resume, portfolio or other online work
  • Any products that you take credit for in a resume or portfolio
  • Companies that you’re researching in a job hunt
  • People you might soon work with or for
  • Major players in your industry
  • The job market in your industry

Now that I know about the 150+tools I don’t plan to start monitoring my reputation as I have three basic tenets I live by that keep me out of trouble:

  1. “Perception is reality”
  2. “Telling the truth means never having to remember what you said”
  3. “Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but implementation is priceless” (This is actually my personal marketing slogan)

How do these tenets help me? I understand a person’s perception is what they think is the truth and a perception is difficult to manage so if I know I meant one thing and a person interprets it as another thing then that is their perception and I all I can do is try to alter their perception.

If you cut out fibbing, stretching the truth, outright lying or saying what the person wants to hear your reputation will only get better and not following up and implementing is the worst thing I can do so it is always my intent to follow through no mater what.

What’s your reputation like?

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  1. Glad you liked my article about reputation management, Mike.

    I Stumbled this for you:

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