Marketing to Moms – Key Statistics

Do you sell your product or service to moms?  I am sure there are very few of you that don’t so the results of this survey will help you be more effective in your marketing efforts.

The Marketing to Moms Coalition just released their Moms Annual Media Survey 2008.  The group surveyed 1,033 Moms all with children under 18 living at home via an online questionnaire.  Moms currently spend an estimated $2.1 trillion dollars in the U.S. marketplace.

Some of the highlights of the survey that you might find interesting are:

Daily Media Habits of Moms 25-44 years old:

Email                         87%
Television                  84%
Cell Phone/PDA          69%
Internet Websites        64%
Radio                        57%
Newspaper                23%
Magazine                   10%
Internet Chat rooms      9%
Internet Blogs               8%

Moms are checking their email so newsletters and email marketing are two cost-effective ways to reach them.

The TOP 5 Activities Moms are doing on the internet are as follows:

  1. Checking/Sending Email
  2. Paying Bills/Online Banking
  3. Reading News
  4. Checking Weather
  5. Researching Products

Wondering what happened to shopping? Number 8 was “Shopping for Myself” and Number 10 was shopping for “My Children”.

Moms were asked what made ads directed at them effective:

  • Ads depicting her having fun with her kids (87%)
  • Ads showing her multi-tasking (86%)
  • Ads that made her laugh (86%)

Top 10 Trusted Sources (web sites beat morning talk shows!)

1. Pediatricians (58%)
2. Friends and family (55%)
3. Evening news (39%)
4. Internet searches (38%)
5. Physician office collateral (37%)
6. Web sites (33%)
7. Parenting books (32%)
8. Morning TV talk shows (31%)
9. Newspaper articles (28%)
10. Magazine articles (25%)

One last key finding was what topics moms are most likely to share with friends and family. Top answers included:

  • Jokes
  • Inspirational phrases
  • Video clips
  • News clips
  • Upcoming events or invites
  • Blog posts

Why is all of this important? Moms currently spend an estimated $2.1 trillion dollars in the U.S. marketplace and knowing how to reach this key demographic can help your business tremendously.

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