5 Ways Men and Women Communicate – Differently

Here is some interesting reading for those that have finished Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; a new book Woman in Businesscalled Leadership and the Sexes written by Michael Gurian, co-founder of the Gurian Institute, which conducts brain-based research and provides education and training on gender issues and co-author Barbara Annis, CEO of Barbara Annis & Associates, a company devoted to gender diversity research.

From a great review of the book written by Melissa Dittman Tracey on the Realtor Magazine website, here are 5 Ways Men and Women Communicate Differently: (As a father of 5 girls plus a spouse, two sisters, a niece, mother and mother in law there are no surprises here.)

1. Women’s brains are always “on.”
There is more neural activity in the female brain at any given time than in the male brain.

053-phbuat22. Men just want the facts.
Men usually ask fewer questions to stimulate conversation in their work relationships and often end conversations more abruptly than women.

3. Women focus on friendship first.
Women tend to build relationships when they sell. They don’t tend to go into a transaction focused on the final outcome but wanting to build rapport and learn more about the client first.

4. Men take it one task at a time.
Men tend to like to focus on one task at a time, whereas women’s brains are more geared to multitask.

5. Women remember the little details.
Females can generally remember more physical and relational details than men.

Just a note to my male readers.  Our plan is working beautifully.

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