Social Media Sites Battling For Marketing Credibility

Marketing Daily reported on an online survey conducted in late October by GfK Roper Public Relations and Media for marketing services firm Epsilon. 180 chief marketers responded representing brands with revenues ranging from $250 million to more than $10 billion.

Chief marketing officers are intrigued by social networking sites Facebook and MySpace as potential marketing vehicles, actually using them is another matter, with more than half (55%) indicating low current interest in actually incorporating the networking sites into their plans. Just 10% reported that they are already using Facebook and MySpace in their marketing plans.Facebook

More than one-quarter (27%) of consumer and B-to-B chief marketing executives identified social networking and word-of-mouth as the tools they would most like to introduce to their marketing mix to compensate for anticipated budget cuts–ahead of all other traditional or digital marketing channels.

Not much interest in Facebook and MySpace
One-third said they’re “not interested at all” in getting Facebook and MySpace into their plans, and 22% said they’re “not too interested,” while 35% are very or somewhat interested.

Traditional social media look more attractive
Other, more “traditional” social media scored far higher on the very/somewhat interested in integrating question. More than half (52%) ranked both Internet forums and Webinars in this category, followed by Webcasts and podcasts (47%), email (also 47%) and blogs (37%).

Email marketing looks bright for 2009
Marketers have plenty of proof that email works. Epsilon’s latest benchmark stats show that retailers, for example, realize 20 cents in e-commerce revenue for every email delivered.  Email is the medium they are least likely to cut back on in the face of anticipated budget reductions for the year ahead.

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