My Top 25 Marketing Posts for 2008

I like lists so I thought I would publish one of my own.  Following are the top 25 most read posts from my blog. The first one has been read by more than 16,000 people.

  1. How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out
  2. Writing a Slogan or Tag Line
  3. How Do You Sell a $ 50,000 Sofa?
  4. How To Calculate Profit – The Lemonade Stand Method
  5. Donut Boxes etc
  6. Open House Tips for Realtors
  7. More on Headshots
  8. Client Appreciation Versus Client Referrals
  9. Refrigerator Marketing for Realtors
  10. Email Stationery
  11. Open House Tip # 1 – Remove Your Shoes Sign
  12. Creating the Perfect Tagline
  13. Origin of Words and Expressions
  14. Business and Client Appreciation Event Planning
  15. Websites
  16. Realtor Postcard Marketing Ideas
  17. Great One Liners
  18. Client Appreciation Events
  19. It’s Time To Get Credit For Bringing Donuts
  20. Marketing With Your Email Signature
  21. Direct Mail Campaigns Made Easy
  22. Open House Tip # 3 – Staging the Home
  23. Top 59 Stock Photo Web Sites
  24. Great Marketing Idea For Halloween
  25. How To Make Your Business Card Unforgettable

Any suggestions for articles in 2009?

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