Growth of Video on the Internet

Is video gaining momentum on the internet?  You better believe it. On his blog The Future Buzz, Adam Singer publishes some interesting statistics about YouTube.

  • 70,000,000 – the number of total videos on YouTube  (March 2008 )youtubelogo_123x63
  • 200,000 -the  number of video publishers on YouTube (March 2008 )
  • 100,000,000  -the  number of YouTube videos viewed per day (this stat from 2006 is the most recent he could locate)
  • 112,486,327 – the number of views the most viewed video on YouTube has (January, 2009)
  • 2 minutes 46.17 seconds – the average length of video
  • 412.3 years – the length in time it would take to view all content on YouTube (March 2008 )
  • 26.57 – the average age of uploader
  • 13 hours – the amount of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • US $1.65 billion in Google stock – the amount Google Inc. announced that it had acquired YouTube for in October 2006
  • $1,000,000 – YouTube’s estimated bandwidth costs per day

(sources are from here, here and here.)

I have posted a few videos on YouTube.  The most famous one is of my daughter bailing on the uneven bars.  She will hate me, but you can view it by clicking here. More than 4500 people have viewed this video and what is even more interesting is if you do a search in Google foe the term Unconventional Dismount it comes up number one. What if this was  a video for your product or service.

According to an article in Online Media Daily, online video viewing has increased nearly one-third over the past year, according to new data released Monday by comScore. U.S. Internet users watched 12.7 billion videos in November, up 34% from the year-earlier period.

YouTube-owner Google maintained its dominance of the online video audience, with a 40% share of views. Fox Interactive Media, which owns MySpace, was a distant runner-up, with a 3.5% share. Viacom Digital placed third, at 2.6%.

Hulu, the video joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corp., remained at No. 6 from October to November, with a 1.8% share. But Hulu, which offers full-length episodes of NBC and Fox shows such as “The Office” and “Family Guy,” boasted the longest views per session, at nearly 12 minutes.

Overall, 77% of Internet users watched video in November for an average of 3.1 minutes per session.

Locally, there are a few of Realtors that have taken video blogging to a new level; Ian Watt, Mike Stewart and Tom Everitt. Mike’s work can be seen on both his website and blog.  Ian uses a Flip Video mounted on his dashboard and rants, raves and informs clients and prospects on all aspects of real estate.

Bottom line is a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million.

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  1. I’ve been using video intensively for my listings as well as on my blog for 9+ months now and it has transformed my online marketing. I can’t say enought about it. Youtube is good from an SEO perspective, but I don’t like the image quality…

  2. Great reads on the videos and other, but social media is not new, it is just evolving into a more mainstream and accesible avenue of communication. An avenue that small and big business needs to take advantage of. And CNN use of Twitter is only the beginning, but with Twitter you are limited, other sites such as allows more text/ which means a bit more info can given without so many tweets. and by the way i’m not one of the technologically hip youth as you put it, i’m of the baby boomer over 50 that says, “Older people tweet too, and not just for fun.”

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