A 72 Hour Open House!

Kye Grace is a successful Realtor in Vancouver, BC and I think his latest marketing idea is brilliant; a 72 hour open house.Clock Face

What is The 72 Hour Open House?
The 72 Hour Open House is like other Vancouver Real Estate Open Houses, except that it doesn’t stop for 72 hours after it starts. Visitors are welcome to view the property day and night through the weekend. There is no time that you may not come view the property, noon, midnight, 4 am. Whatever works for you, Kye Grace will be there to show you this Gastown loft and highlight the benefits of the Gastown lifestyle. Kye will be at the suite with a sleeping bag, a pillow and three days worth of food. He will not be leaving the building the entire time.

When I asked him why his reply was simple “My clients pay me well to sell their property. They don’t pay me to tell them ‘the market is tough’, ‘not many homes are selling’, ‘people aren’t spending money right now’.”

What makes this event even more unique is that people all over the world will be able to follow along on the live online video feed, Twitter or the ‘The 72 Hour Open House’ blog. Kye will participate in the live chat on the online video feed and will Tweet and blog the weekends happenings.

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