Top Social Brands of 2008

I am an avid believer in the power of social marketing using tools such as Twitter, blogging, video blogging, Linkedin and Facebook as part of my marketing mix.Branding Iron 1

The reason I think it works is I keep my focus on one simple mantra. It is meeting, not marketing. I use social networking to expand my sphere of influence and slowly expose this group to the services I offer. How else can you establish friends and associates throughout North America without paying a dime?

A company called Vitrue,  who has the slogan “we make advertising social” released the first-ever top social brands of 2008 list. The Vitrue 100 is the result of Vitrue’s daily analysis of over 2,000 popular brands.

Each day, Vitrue analyzes the online conversations on a variety of social networking, blogging, microblogging, photo and video sharing sites.

The Vitrue SMI calculates scores about the brand’s social conversations. They  then apply a series of algorithms to reflect the frequency of usage, the size of the social media environment, and the magnitude of the conversation. The result is a single numeric score for each brand: the Vitrue Social Media Index (SMI).

1. iPhone
2. CNN
3. Apple
4. Disney
5. Xbox
6. Starbucks
7. iPod
8. MTV
9. Sony
10 .Dell
11. Microsoft
12. Ford
13. Nintendo
14. Target
15. PlayStation
16. Mac
17. Turner
18. Hewlett-Packard
19. Fox News
20. BlackBerry
21. ABC
22. Coke
23. LG
24. Best Buy
25. Honda

For the complete list you can visit the Vitrue website.

What is interesting is which industry had the most brands in the top 25.  Can you guess? Electronics with 11. No other industry even came close. Broadcasters cam second with 5 of the top 25 (2. CNN, 8. MTV, 17. Turner, 19. Fox News and 21. ABC)

1. iPhone
5. Xbox
7. iPod
9. Sony
10. Dell
13. Nintendo
15. Playstation
16. Mac
18. HP
20. BlackBerry
23. LG

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