Innovative Point of Sale Advertising Ideas

Advertising is all around us and when we are driving or walking it seems like anything that is flat has an ad on it. Bike racks, newspaper boxes, poles, bus shelters, billboards to name a few, but here are some advertising opportunities you might not have come across.

The Brandwich C-Store Deli Advertising Network is an innovative way to reach consumers at a time where they are extremely receptive to messaging. They provide proprietary branded paper tobrandwichproductshot-ad locations so that advertisers can wrap their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack sandwiches with your brand. The paper is printed with special inks to ensure maximum food safety.

“Once the purchase has been made, the branded sandwich wrap allows advertisers to spend time with the consumer as meals are one of the few times consumers are usually in a relaxed and receptive state.”

How about a High Definition Napkin that allows the CMYK process to be reproduced onto tissue hd-napkin-1without compromising the integrity of the image being printed. These custom-made printing machines, together with high quality paper, and water- based inks, reproduce high-resolution, full-color, photo-realistic images on napkins. All four panels of the napkin are printable and sure to leave a lasting impression on your target demographic.

Pizza Box Tops
“Top of the Pizza Box” advertising is an interactive and new proven way to target hard to reach audiences. It penetrates homes, colleges/dorms, offices, and lunch crowds during the break of their day. An effective and clutter free media that can be moving or stationary and hand delivered to your target market.

Coffee Cup Ad-Sleeves
The Ad-Sleeve is a true lifestyle marketing vehicle that improves the effectiveness of branding coffe-cup-sleevesand direct response strategies.Seamless integration: Cup sleeves are a functional component of America’s daily coffee habit and are placed on coffee cups as part of the specialty coffee experience. Unparalleled touch-point: Average coffee consumer spends 49 minutes with our Ad-Sleeve; the average recall of the advertisement is 65%.

Dry Cleaner Plastic Bagsdry-cleaning-bag
Imagine reaching millions of professionals, executives and other
affluent consumers through an exclusive network of over 20,000 dry cleaners.
We place magazine quality ads on plastic garment bags and hangers, as well as offer the opportunity to distribute coupons and product samples. Talk about personal reach!

tissue-packTissue Packages
Tissue packs are low cost, high impact tools for innovative advertising.

They are a new and unanticipated way to grab a consumer’s attention. They strive to diversify advertising through our pocket sized “ad spaces”, and put your branded message into the hands of your most targeted customers.

These are just a few of the hundreds of opportunities. Give me a call or send an email if you would like more information.

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