Marketing to Your Sphere of Influence – It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

In 2009 I recommend to anyone in business to regroup by developing a sustainable marketing program to their sphere of influence. Reduce spending on attracting new clients and concentrate on repeat and referral business from clients and customers who already know you.two-babies-looking-over-railing

I read a great commentary in RISMedia by Jennifer Allen, the author of Sell With Soul which is basically a how-to for Realtors on how to set your world on fire selling real estate without changing who you are. Actually the basic premise of the book is “To enjoy a wildly successful career selling real estate treating clients and prospects respectfully, as the salesperson him or herself would like to be treated.” I think Jennifer could do a search and replace for the word Realtor and add any type of salesperson and it would apply equally.

Her commentary was in answer to a question from a Realtor who found out that that her daughter’s best friend’s parents listed with someone else! The Realtor went on to point out that they had been on her mailing list and their daughter and her daughter have been best friends since grade school.

Here is the point of the title of this post “Marketing to Your Sphere of Influence – It’s Not Personal, It’s Business”. The decision to choose another Realtor was not personal, it was a business decision and when you market to your sphere of influence it is an attempt to gain business so when you do not secure the business don’t take it personally.

Jennifer said it best:

When someone in your SOI chooses someone else to work with, it’s almost a certainty that their decision made sense to them and had nothing whatsoever to do with their feelings for you. In fact, it’s likely they didn’t even think of you when making their decision – yes, the people in our world have their own lives to lead and aren’t particularly concerned about ours.

What should all of us keep in mind about marketing to our sphere of influence?

  1. They have their own busy lives and financial concerns to worry about.
  2. You are not the only marketing to them.
  3. Timing is everything and they might be making a decision 3 weeks after your last contact and the day your competitor calls.
  4. The more personal your contact and the more effort you put into it, the longer and stronger the feeling of reciprocity will be.
  5. Nothing takes the place of a phone call or personal contact.
  6. Nobody really cares that you need to make a living.
  7. When you miss out on the business it is business, not personal.

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