Which Browser Do You Use?

I use  three different browsers throughout the day for a variety of reasons. The three are Firefox from Mozilla, Internet Explorer (IE) and the newest addition to the line-up, Google Chrome. If I was on a desert island and could only keep one there would be now question it would be Firefox.

Why three? I work on a lot of blogs and web sites for clients and the best reason is to see how they will look to 90% of web users who may visit. Not everything looks the same in the three browsers so sometimes you have to tweak things. The biggest mistake people make when blogging is they cut and paste from Word into their blog and then check it in IE where it will look great as all of the formatting is compatible, but if you view the same thing in FireFox it can look like your dog designed it.  An alternative to this is a web site called Browsershots and it will display a web page as it is seen in dozens of browsers and different versions of each.

Another reason I need at least two browsers is so I can alt-tab between them so I can make a change in one browser and view it in the other browser.

One of the best features of Firefox is the tabbed browsing. As I have 20 to 30 windows open at all times tabbed browsing is indispensable, but what is even better than the other two browsers which also have tabbed browsing is I can have multiple tabs, but set them up in rows. Click on the thumbnail below to see my Firefox tabs. The top row are tabs I use throughout the day. The second row are client blogs and websites that I work on each day and the third row is mainly my daily reading and variable tabs I open throughout the day.

Click for a larger version.
Click for a larger version.

I also find Firefox more stable and the add-ons that heve been developed through the open source community are endless.  Colorzilla, CLICK by Snapshot, AutoFill and Fireftp are 4 I cannot live without.

I do recommend Google Chrome for different reasons.  Google Chrome is a browser that “combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.” One great feature is when you open a new tab you see all of your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed and you can click on the image to load the page.


Google Chrome also has a feature where it automatically opens all of the tabs that were open during your last session. This is also available in FireFox, but lacking in IE.

So if you have not tried FireFox I highly recommend you do and if you are looking for a backup I recommend Google Chrome.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Internet Explorer is GARBAGE!

    I only use it because my real estate board is into antique web applications so I’ve got to use it for the apps they provide.

    Go Mozilla Firefox, its light years ahead.

    Anyone have any experience with Chrome?

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