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I started using Twitter a few months ago as a social marketing twitterexperiment and have grown to value it as both a marketing tool and an educational tool. While I can only track a few instances of direct business as a result of being on Twitter there have been dozens of times where I learned something that I would not have known had it not been for following people on Twitter.

First let’s recap what Twitter is.  Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets you update your status and let the world know what you are up to. There are millions of Twitter user all over the world, and the number of active users has increased by 900% in the past year.

When you sign up for Twitter it is a bit like looking at a blank canvas and not knowing where to start painting. Most Twitter users sign up and then do nothing as it is not obvious what the next step is. What I recommend is you sign up at and then do a search for me, GoodIdeas or Mike Blaney and Follow Me. I will be notified you are Following me and I will choose to Follow you. Your Twitter profile will then show you are Following 1 person and 1 person is Following you. The next step might be to see who is Following someone you respect and then Follow them.

The next step is to post a 140 character or less update. Here are  couple of my recent posts. They are dry, but informative. The last one is an attempt to get people to visit this blog:

  1. People more likely to open email marketing messages relating to their interests than ones sent at a particular time of day or day of week.
  2. Men interrupt women a woman’s conversation 76% of the time but rarely interrupt a man. Men, stop interrupting and start listening!
  3. Mike Blaney – Today 145 people have googled business card and found my post about How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Twits fall into two categories; the social tweeter (that is what a post is called) and the addict.  While I try to post tweets that will be of interest to people a lot of people Tweet a dozen or more times a day on every aspect of their life and you find yourself skimming past these people

But the point of this post is that companies can also use it to promote themselves.

Zeke Camusio, a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Outsourcing Company, wrote a great post on Startup Nation. His 7 steps are:

Step 1: Import Your Contacts

  • Twitter allows you to to import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail and your own address book. Do it.

Step 2: Make Sure that Your Profile is Complete

  • Fill in all the fields (both required and optional) and include your website URL. You can also personalize your Twitter page to match your company’s branding.

Step 3: Understand the Dynamics of Twitter
Twitter is a social tool, not a classifieds site. These are some tips that will help you to get followers:

  • Don’t spam others about your specials
  • Follow other users
  • Don’t promote your company directly. Do it the smart way. For example, if you sell widgets, write a buyer’s guide about the kind of widgets that you sell and tweet about that blog post. That is useful information. Avoid tweets like “Great Widgets On Sale – Starting at $9.99!”

(See the article for a complete list)

Step 4: Build Your Followers Base
There are many things that you can do to build your followers base:

  • Put a link to “Follow Me on Twitter” everywhere (your email signature, forums, website, and business cards)
  • Every time you post on your blog, invite people to follow you on Twitter

(See the article for a complete list)

Step 5: Balance Your Followers/Following Ratio

  • Try to have a balance between people you follow and people that follow you. If a lot of people follow you and you don’t follow them, they will stop following you. If you are following plenty of people but just a few are following you, you’ll be seen as a spammer trying to grow your follower base as quickly as possible.
  • Grow slow. Instead of adding 200 new friends all of a sudden, add maybe 50 and wait for them to follow you back. Then follow another 50.

(See the article for a complete list)

Step 6: Make it Worthwhile to Follow You

  • Tweet interesting stuff. Every time you are about to post something, ask yourself “Is this something I would be interested in?” If the answer is no, chances are that your followers will feel the same way.

Step 7: Learn from the Best

  • Find users with several hundred followers and learn from them. See what they are doing right and get ideas from them.

Done right, Twitter should be part of your marketing arsenal as it provides positive exposure for your business. Depending on your business, Twitter could be an efective tool.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Twitter works for business!

    I have been twittering for about 3 months now and I got my first listing lead yesterday. I twittered I had an accepted offer on a listing of mine and a guy who has an identical unit contacted me saying he was thinking of listing.

    It works.

  2. I’ve started to look at the benefits of using twitter for marketing, thanks for this post, it’s a fantastic guide.

  3. Morten Juul says:

    Great guide. Thanks. I’d like to add that I find it useful to add an non-generic background to to both seriousness and professionality to your profile.

  4. Tim Scott says:

    Great guidelines to follow. It’s nice to hear from someone about the right way to use Twitter instead of how to spam and create bots that just spout auto tweets. You should have mentiioned how to find people though, with twitter search, and the directories like twellow. But overall, I give it two thumbs up. great work.

  5. andy says:

    Twitter – Must Read

    It seems that many people can’t get enough of Twitter. They are always talking about it, online and offline. Through Twitter, you can build a large network of friends, clients, associates, and customers. This is a must read for those who are new in this social network website.

    When you use twitter, you can create your personal brand or dominate a certain niche. How can you achieve this?A 6 Part Video Course Using Twitter

    Once you create your own profile page, the very first thing that you need to do is get ‘followers’. If you have friends or relatives who are already in Twitter, invite them. This may not be of great help to you especially if you’re trying to promote your business but if you’re simply making new friends and want to stay connected, this is a good start. For business persons, you need to follow ‘gurus’ or the powerful users of Twitter. You must know what they’re doing in order to ensure success in Twitter marketing.

    The second thing that you need to do is to meet more people. ‘ReTweets’ are great for making new friends. In this tool, the original message is repeated. Whenever you receive a message or tweet, reply as soon as you receive them. So even if you receive dozens of tweets from your followers, you need to reply to them patiently. You will never go tired of using Twitter and as what other users claim – Twitter is addicting.

    Once you use the social site, you can’t get enough of it. When you sit down to answer the tweets or messages, you will hardly notice how time pass by. Some individuals spend hours and hours online twittering. You can also do the same but you must have a fast internet connection. Look for helpful tools that you can use to create memorable Twitter experiences.

    The profile page is very important to attract more followers. A dull profile will not be fruitful. You must make your profile as interesting as possible. It should also suit your purpose for using the site. If it’s for business purposes, you must create a powerful and intriguing page. It must tell something about the product or service you’re marketing. Even if you want to make friends, your page should still be interesting.

    Use the Twitter tools available so that you can have one of the most attractive pages; that way, when someone visits your profile page, they will want to be friends with you. When you get their attention, they will continue to follow you. Appreciate all your followers so that you can develop stronger relationships. Having friends from different parts of the world is truly exciting.

    If you can’t stay online often, you should set the settings properly so that you can receive the tweets on your mobile device. You can now reply to the tweets using your mobile device. So you see, twittering is possible anywhere at any time. You can enjoy twittering during your coffee or lunch breaks or when you’re out shopping. You can tell others what you’re doing and where you are if you want to.

    Always stay connected and don’t forget to post tweets regularly. If you want others to feel your presence, Twitter everyday; soon you will be one of the twitter addicts out there. Read this and you won’t regret it.
    A 6 Part Video Course Using Twitter

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