Free Coffee Cups – Handheld Branding

Have you seen this service called Free Paper Cups? is a marketing solutions company specializing in handheld branding in the office…ensuring office workers see, touch, and hold your advertising message throughout the day in the workplace. They bring advertisers and companies together by placing ads on coffee cups and distributing them free to companies for fedex-cuptheir employees to drink from.

For the company receiving them the benefits are:

  • Not wasting money on paper cups for your office
  • Saving money by eliminating this monthly business expense
  • Eliminating Eco-Unfriendly styrofoam cups
  • They can serve coffee in heavyweight paper cups like coffee shopsto preserve the coffee flavor,

For the advertiser:

  • Hand deliver your marketing message to target audiences in offices via branded paper coffee cups
  • Communicate your B2B or B2C message to corporate decision makers and consumers in the workplace 24/7 365 days a year
  • Nearly 109 million American adults drink coffee daily
  • More than 52 million Americans obtain coffee from their offices each day

Office Coffee Services benefit too:

  • Offer your coffee service customers and prospects this money saving solution
  • Utilize this competitive advantage to be truly unique in your market & win new accounts by providing significant cost savings
  • Retain your existing accounts by adding value to their bottom line
  • Customers who use quality paper cups consume more coffee because of the improved “coffee experience”

I have seen this marketing strategy used at local  coffee shops where an Automall has provided insulated sleeves with their branding. A great way to reinforce their message everyday to potential shoppers.

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  1. CaliRyan says:

    Great idea, just when you thought you saw all there is to marketing,the fed ex coffee cup comes out! You’ve got a great blog, I like the research and stats you put into your posts Mike. -CaliRyan

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