It’s a Blog…no it’s a Website…no it’s a Blogsite

Recently I have added a new service to my bag of marketing tricks that has a lot of potential for my clients. While I still set up websites for clients using Ubertor templated sites I have expanded my service to create blogsites for clients.

What is a Blogsite?
Instead of programming a website using html or developing a traditional blog on WordPress or Blogger I use a preprogrammed theme that runs on the WordPress blogging platform. There are thousands of themes to choose from and they are all designed to be plug and play so set-up is fast and my clients can make any on-going changes with only a short training period.

What are the benefits?

The number one benefit is how a blogsite is indexed by search engines compared to a static html website. The architecture of a WordPress blog is designed to be search engine friendly and by following a few simple rules, in my experience you can achieve much higher rankings with a blogsite than a website.

  • You have hundreds of designs to choose from
  • Most themes are free and the ones that you buy cost under $100.00
  • You can change your theme anytime without losing your content
  • There are thousands of free widgets and plugins that perform tasks that are almost impossible to recreate with an html site
  • A blogsite can be up and running in less than a day
  • There are thousands of people who can provide support for any theme so you are not tied to a company or individual for support
  • The cost to have a fully functioning blogsite can be as little as $ 250.00 for my time to set it up, (but can range up to $ 2500.00 depending on the degree of complexity and amount of content)

I will expound on blogsites in a later post, but if you want to see some examples of blogsites I have under construction (and they are all in their infancy) please visit the following client sites. I have included a link to the original demo theme so you can compare and see the customization:

Cornerstone Kitchens and Design
Kitchen designers
Theme: Sliding Door

Publisher of travel itineraries
Theme: Essence Dark (ithemes)

Referral service for homeowners
Theme: Lifestyle

Coasting Home
Home and vacation rentals in Northern California
Theme: Agent (Studiopress)

Sunroom Retreats
Manufacturer of sunrooms and patio covers
Theme: icompany by ithemes

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