Do Banner Ads Really Work?

Yes, but not always in the way you think they might. While the number of people who actually click on the banner ad runs around 31% a further 27% reported that they did an online search for the product, brand or company, and 21% typed the company Web address in their browser. Nine percent sought additional information using social media tools. So clicks are not the only measurement in online marketing.

From a recent article in eMarketer,  a study from iProspect may have discovered an unexpected benefit of online display ads. When Internet users were surveyed to find out what actions they took when viewing a display ad on an ad-supported Website, nearly one-third said they clicked on the ad.

Behaviour of US Internet Users
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  1. Ric Bender says:

    I enjoyed the article since a portion of my work load is marketing banner ads. Thank you keep up the great work.

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