Marketing to Millennials – 18 to 26 year olds

Do you market to Millennials? I currently have 6 kids that fall into this range and that should make me an expert, but they are a confusing age group. I was curious how they compare to their

These Are the 6 Millennials We  Are Raising
These Are the 6 Millennials We Are Raising

older counterparts when it comes to social media and in the process also uncovered an interesting related study on teens and malls.

In a recent article, Media Buyer Planner published a study called Teen Mall Shopping Attitude and Usage Study by Arbitron and Scarborough Research that found that nearly all teen mall shoppers notice mall advertising. Teens are significant spenders at the mall and the study showed that 95% of teens notice mall advertising.

Other findings:
—91% of teens notice poster displays
—68% spend more than two hours at the mall
—Teens go online for mall information: 75% visit a specific mall store’s website; 72% of teen mall shoppers chatted
with friends online about meeting at the mall or purchasing items there
—48% are “social shoppers,” shoppers who like to browse, hang out, and possibly make a purchase
—46% of teen mall shoppers are bargain hunters

The survey of teen mall shoppers questioned 1,687 teens (ages 12-17) across the country.

So what about their social marketing attitudes?  Millennials — 18- to-26-year-olds — don’t see value in Twitter, although they spend hours daily texting friends and communicating on social networks in real time, according to a study released Monday from the Participatory Marketing Network (PMN).

The study suggests that only 22% of Millennials use Twitter and of those young people here is how they used it:

  • 85% said they follow friends
  • 54% follow celebrities
  • 29% follow family
  • 29% follow companies.

That’s not great news for marketers and companies trying to reach this demographic through the site.

When asked about social networks, nearly all who participated in the survey revealed having an active profile on at least one site. I am assuming they are referring to Facebook and MySpace. How did they use these  sites?

  • 89% have downloaded an application to their profile page
  • 89% post photos
  • 53% play games
  • 51% search out entertainment
  • 32% followed the news
  • 29% followed the weather.

The study also looked at mobile social networking for Millennials. Thirty-eight percent have an iPhone or iPod Touch. More than 50% have downloaded games; 35%, entertainment; 31%, lifestyle; 28% have downloaded free financial applications, and 7% have paid financial applications. More than one-quarter — 26 percent — indicated that they have not downloaded any.

PMN conducted the study in May 2009 with its research partner, the Lubin School of Business’ Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) Lab at Pace University, by questioning 200 PMN panel members and consumers between the ages of 18-24.

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