Text Messaging – What Happened to Talking?

According to anew survey by Vlingo titled the Second Annual Vlingo Consumer Mobile Messaging Habits Report, (Click here for a pdf) nearly 60% of mobile phone users are now texting compared to 54% in 2008.

By the way Vlingo is a company that has products that let you control your mobile phone with the

My Cell Phone Bill is What!!!!!
My Cell Phone Bill is What!!!!!

power of voice. With Vlingo, you can simply speak to your phone to send a text or email message. Go figure.

Further to my last post about rearing 6 Millennials between the ages of 18 and 26 I confess I use text messaging and I am in my 50’s (early). I swore I would never resort to such an impersonal form of communication, but call screening by my kids drove me to it.  Apparently I am one of the 46% of people in their 50s that text compared to 94% of teens, 87% of 20-somethings and 64% of people in their 40s that text message.

Back to my story of how texting became a necessity of life. We used to call all 6 kids to invite them for dinner the next Sunday and by the time we got through to them  it was almost Monday. It was a combination of my calls being screened and not being able to answer their phones at work or during class. After overseeing the purchase of the 1.000 text message plan for two of the subjects in question I realized this might be a way of reducing the time lag between the invite and the event. Bingo! I send a atext to the 6 kids and their significant others to prevent double-booking and within seconds I have answers from all of them. Text messaging is the only reliable method of  communicating with these Millennials.

Here are some other interesting results:

  • 35% of all respondents use their phones for texting more than for phone calls.
  • 41% do not text
  • 70% do not browse the Web
  • 73% do not use email on their mobile phones
  • Almost 50%  of respondents do both in equal numbers.
  • Among those who do not text message, 27% cite the difficulty of typing on a tiny keyboard as a barrier, while 37% say it takes too much time to type.

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